Responsive web design for your professional web presence.

Every website must meet the requirements of internal processes, marketing automation and last but not least agility in dealing with digital media. Therefore it is important to offer you as a web agency flexible solutions. 360VIER develops digital brand appearances and web design in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main. Our experience goes far beyond the financial sector. Because the knowledge from various industries is our strength. We not only solve the requirements of large corporations, but also the challenges of hidden champions, innovative start-ups, universities and research institutes. As an interdisciplinary agency, we develop a tailor-made strategy, individual design and implement your website without technical limits.

  • Individual design
  • Development on WordPress
  • Interdisciplinary team
  • Integration of each interface
  • Structured process management
  • Specialist for Enterprise Requirements
  • Individual design
  • Development on WordPress
  • Interdisciplinary team
  • Integration of each interface
  • Structured process management
  • Specialist for Enterprise Requirements


Web design & web development:
The implementation of your digital appearance.


A professional corporate design and the right identity is essential for an authentic brand appearance. We develop and optimize the core of your company to digitally visualize your brand.


Modern, functional websites with individual design for each device. This is what our designers do every day with the help of your wishes and our professional recommendations.

Web development

We realize the development of your website on the basis of WordPress. For this we use building techniques such as ReactJS. With over 250+ projects, we are one of the experts for WordPress web development.

Maintenance and support

Every website needs maintenance. After going live, we maintain and optimize your web presence according to your individual ideas. We take care of security, hosting, updates & backups.

A selection of our customers we are proud of


This is how websites are created at 360VIER.

Your appearance on the web is well planned. For the development of your online presence, a team of many different experts will be at your disposal in Frankfurt for several weeks. Just sit back and let us take over the management. At important stages we show you current results for which you give us feedback and approval. In this way we achieve results that make everyone happy.

Our process in detail

Content conception

It starts with the organization. We draw up an internal catalogue of requirements as well as resource and time planning so that you and we can plan transparently at any time and check the status of the project. With us it then goes into the start-up phase – your project team in Frankfurt sets up all project management systems so that we can work together efficiently and innovatively.


Now an individual design based on the wireframes is created. The web design is the visual representation of a website or the design of a digital presence. So the web designer usually works with a so-called screen design (graphical work without HTML) and later transforms it into a web format. It is important to us that we implement the communication goals of our clients with the help of the technical conditions. In this way we can meet expectations in the best possible way and optimized workflows ensure a fast and cost-effective result.

Regardless of the design, however, it is above all your content that must be convincing. That is why we pay great attention to the perfect presentation of your content, i.e. your services. After all, it is you who decides whether a prospective customer will choose your product or service. Once you have approved the phase, the design is passed on to the technical implementation.


The technical implementation begins with the installation of WordPress. We first use it as a development and staging instance before your website is fully finalized. This means that a development and staging instance is an environment on the Internet where your website can be developed isolated and secured from other accesses, such as Google or other users.

Now design and web development are merging. Web design is the artistic design and the subsequent technical implementation of a website. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), programming with HTML5, Ajax, PHP7, Javascript, ReactJS or other programming languages as well as content editing and optimization, which concerns image, text and video. The 360VIER developers are experienced specialists in all these disciplines and prefer to use ReactJS as front-end technology.

Maintenance & Support

After the project is before the project. Because now it’s time for the maintenance and care of your website. The hosting of your website can be done by Azure, AWS, Google or another hoster of choice. We advise you on all steps and offer you the possibility to take advantage of our all-inclusive service, which includes hosting, complete security, updates and backups. We already successfully support over 250 websites and look forward to soon being able to count you as one of our customers.


References from Frankfurt & surroundings

Regionality is important, but the digital world offers many other opportunities. That’s why we love to combine both: Working with companies or groups here in the Frankfurt region as well as customers who come to us from all over Germany. In recent years we have specialized in Enterprise WordPress development. This means that we can implement individual requirements of corporations as well as web design and web development for medium-sized companies.


Our focus industries:

  • groups of companies and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Hidden champions and innovative start-ups
  • Education and research institutions


Professional web design from the heart of Frankfurt - you can rely on us

The combination of conception, creation and technical development is what makes us special. This means that we have as many creative minds as analytical technical nerds. This gives us the advantage that we can turn any individual design into reality, because our programmers make it technically possible for us. This makes us proud and so we have been creating successful solutions for medium-sized to internationally operating companies for 6 years.


We’re taking over.

With us you lean back. We guide you through the entire process & you give us feedback.


We understand needs.

Our change of perspective in your company is the basis for your successful digital brand presence.


We are design enthusiasts.

The first impression must be convincing. For this we redesign, not according to what can be implemented most easily.


We love details.

It’s always the little things that make a design, website or app unforgettable. That is what we burn for.


We’re tech geeks.

HMTL5, CSS3, PHP7, Javascript or ReactJS – we like Tech & work exclusively with the latest standards.


We like lean processes.

Through tools & a clear process, we work as efficiently as possible to ensure the completion of your order.

Cooperation partner




You have questions or need advice for a new project?

You are welcome to contact us by telephone 06078 394 9990 or send me a short e-mail beratung@360vier.de