Lufthansa Group

Internal communication strategies for one of the most well-known German companies

As Europe’s largest aviation company, Lufthansa is one of the best-known German companies in the world with almost 120,000 employees. With this number of employees, HR management plays a central role.
In order to be able to set new impulses in the areas of HR itself, talent management and personnel development, Lufthansa approaches 360VIER again and again with the desire to create a creative concept.

Strategic Talent Management Framework

Visualization of strategy points

The HR department “Talents” of Lufthansa Group commissioned 360VIER to visualize new strategic points in talent management. These are used for both internal and external communication. In the course of an intensive process, a world of ideas was created from collages, which gives the department a very unique and for the Group completely new presentation.

Development of the formal language

Based on internal specifications, the formal language went through several phases. The collage of sketched elements and silhouettes ultimately forms the result.

1. Source image & content
Up is not the only way! Talent Management is about growing one’s capabilities in the current role, in a new role on the same level and possibly on the level above – or also pursuing various careers.

2. First visualisation
Orientierung an Aviation Icons

3. Second implementation
Abstraction of the iconographic representation

4. Final implementation
Narrative Collage

Stretch Assignment

A subject to develop further

Visualization of new strategy points in the form of illustrations for the area of “Talent Management” for internal and external communication.

Representation of calls to action for the area of “Talent Management” for internal communication with subsequent implementation as subjects.

The five categories of the fan are separated from each other by the Lufthansa main branding colors. Here the color is also incorporated into the corresponding illustration.


Logo development, Onepager and screencasts

Accompanying the introduction of Lufthansa’s global internal software for personnel development, 360VIER developed a bilingual logo and a bilingual concept for training materials (Onepager) and training videos (Screencasts).

Taking Lufthansa’s design guidelines into account, the modular “Profile” logo was created in two languages.