GUDE – Bier • Stoff • Zwirn

Comprehensive communication for a south hessian brand in Food & Beverage

360VIER was the first agency in Germany to dare to introduce a beer brand exclusively via social networks with GUDE. From a scene beer, GUDE quickly developed into one of the most popular young beers in southern Hessen. The webdesign for the beer as all the communication tools comes from 360Vier.

Corporate Design

In the beginning, in addition to the actual logo, GUDE’s business equiptment was the main focus. In addition to the usual products, however, stickers, beer mats and other merchandise-items were also designed and produced.

Digital communication

Facebook forms the core of GUDE’s brand communication. Atmospheric images, exclusive news and opportunities for interaction ensure numerous and committed fans. 360VIER permanently provides GUDE with good ideas and high-quality product photography.


A tangible product like the GUDE BIER needed an appropriate website, which 360VIER including webshop implemented. In the fresh design, the image and form language of the corporate design was consistently continued.


With GUDE ZWIRN, 360VIER ensured the implementation of the GUDE brand in textile form. Besides cool prints in various styles 360VIER was also responsible for the corresponding fashion photography.

Product communication

With GUDE STOFF, the company expanded its range to include cider and cider mix products in 2014. 360VIER also developed the graphic design and all associated marketing measures.