Analysis, conception, implementation


Digital transformation, commonly known as digital change, is on everyone’s lips. Whether it is the digital transformation of companies or products, etc., there is one central question: how can this task succeed?


The answer is usually very individual. By no means is the digital transformation of your company a toggle switch – even the mere processing of a questionnaire will not lead to the desired goal. Because no matter what the answer is, it must always take into account that it is your business, your customers, your goals and last but not least your employees. That’s why 360VIER believes that a successful digital transformation is characterized on the one hand by the fact that it is constantly evolving and on the other hand by the fact that it is actively lived and supported by the employees. Everything in between depends on your individual requirements.

As a digital agency that is always working in this area of conflict, we support you in this process. Whether in customer acquisition, process optimization, digital data archiving or the complete digitalization of business processes – we can look back on years of experience, point out optimal solutions and help you with the implementation.

Our services in the area of digital transformation and digital consulting

Company analysis

The first task before any digital transformation is a precise analysis of your company and previous processes and business procedures. This allows us to shed light on your company, take a close look and discover its digital possibilities.

Potentials for optimization

Everything can – nothing have to: Just because “digital transformation” is on everyone’s lips doesn’t mean that every area has to be automatically digitized. We weigh up exactly where it would actually help your business and where only unnecessary expenses would arise.

Company integration

Any concept is only as good as its implementation. This means that we work with you to develop a realistic plan for integrating the concepts into your processes and accompany you during implementation.


Digital transformation usually requires new software. We are happy to support you in implementing such software, develop your own software solutions or update your website. In this way, you can retain your customers and win new digital customers.

Projects in the field of digital transformation and digital consulting


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