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The brand and digital agency 360VIER represents individual brand concepts and unique digital identities. 360VIER has been founded in 2012 and made its way to be an established agency in brand design in classical and digital media.

The core business of 360VIER is providing exceptional solutions for the needs of medium-sized corporations. The agency’s services range from realising complex digital projects as brand or corporate websites to conceptualising and designing whole corporate presences.

The founders of 360VIER, Hans Mengler and Achim Karn, realise projects in branding and restructuring corporations since 2003. Communication designer Joel Ferreira Carneiro supports the agency as Creative Director since its foundation.

Today, 15 young creatives work at 360VIER to back the success of highly variant corporations from industry, commerce and services. However, they all are connected by a single wish for a clear identity – no matter if it is on a print sheet or a smartphone.

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Achim Geschäftsführung
Tim Design
Felix Entwicklung
Simon Entwicklung
Sebastian Design
Joel Kreativ Direktion
Thomas Design
Hanna Art Direktion
Tim Content-Management
Angela Design
Lucas Projektmanagement
Alexander Entwicklung
Julia Fotografie/Post-Production
Annika Administration
Mary Design
Hans Geschäftsführung
Sebastian Entwicklung
Jurij Digitalstrategie
Marcel Entwicklung
Thorsten Entwicklung
Dawid Business Development
Jens Content-Management
Janina Entwicklung
Matthias Entwicklung
Katrin Design
Katrin Design
Luise Design
Philip Content-Management
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These are the things you can rely on:

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Deep conceptions

We consider brand communication to be integral: With the right planning and analyses, we can illustrate even comprehensive corporate structures or complex processes in a user-friendly way.

360VIER_Unternehmensverstaendniss_auf_weiss The agency

Corporate insight

We take the time to get to know and to understand your corporation before entering the design process. With us, there is no communication and design off the shelf.

360VIER_Design_auf_weiss The agency


A brand presence has to satisfy at first glance. This is the premise we follow when designing instead of going after the concepts that might be the easiest to implement.

360VIER_Liebe_zum_Detail The agency

Passion for detail

We do not accept mediocrity. Whether it is a design, a website or an app, whether it is design or technical implementation – we will polish it until everything fits together perfectly. For results that satisfy.

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Whether it is an elaborate design, a neat programming or a premium consulting: We give our best for our customers every day to comply with their every wish.

360VIER_Abwicklung_auf_weiss The agency


Our slim processes enable us to process your order according to schedule. Innovative tools result in transparency and allow a quick feedback.

The process of 360VIER. Interdisciplinary and identity-establishing

A website is supposed to live up to your, and therefore our expectations, too. To accomplish this, a lot of steps, concepts and ideas have to be thought and implemented together. A result, with which your corporation gets the attention it deserves even in times of increasing online competition, can be reached only when meshing perfectly. We at the brand and digital agency 360VIER therefore try to think from your point of view and with your success in mind – from the first meeting to design, conditioning your contents and programming up to steadily maintaining and optimising your new internet presence.

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