The Agency

An all-rounder in digital solutions

360VIER sees itself as a competent partner for sustainable and individual communication solutions in the digital age. In a dialogical process we develop brand concepts, corporate designs and digital solutions for medium-sized companies and corporations. Our expertise lies in brand management, both for digital and classic media.


Today, 30 young creatives work at 360VIER for the success of various companies from industry, trade and services. However, they all have one thing in common: the desire for a clear identity – whether on a print sheet or a smartphone.


We always set the highest standards for our work in order to create extraordinary results. Our design is distinctive and sophisticated. Our technical implementation is complex, easy to use and our processes are sustainable and efficient.

Katrin Design
Dion Content-Management
Julia Design
Kilian Projektmanagement
Tim Content-Management
Vincent Design
Franziska Entwicklung
Hans Geschäftsführung
Michelle Administration
Sarah Projektmanagement
Jannik Entwicklung
Chris Design
Ramona Design
Marcel Entwicklung
Eugen Entwicklung
Sebastian Entwicklung
Hanna Human Resources
Sven Design
Hanna Design
Hee-Yeon Design
Sebastian Content-Management
Thomas Design
Florence Projektmanagement
Joel Kreativ Direktion
Matthias Entwicklung
Achim Geschäftsführung
Annika Administration
Daniel Entwicklung
Thorsten Entwicklung
Jens Content-Management
Simon Entwicklung
Angela Design

Our philosophy

You can rely on 360VIER

Depth of concept

We understand brand communication holistically: with the right planning and analysis, we can map even the most comprehensive corporate structures or complex processes in a user-friendly manner.

Understanding of the company

Before the design process starts, we take time to get to know and understand your company. Communication and design “off the peg” is not something we offer.


A brand presence must be convincing at first glance. We design according to this premise – not according to what can perhaps be implemented most easily.

Attention to detail

We are not satisfied with mediocrity. Whether design, website or app, whether layout or technical implementation – we keep on filing until everything fits. For results that convince.


Whether well thought-out design, clean programming or first-class advice: we give our best for our customers day after day – so that no wish remains unfulfilled.


With lean processes we ensure that your order is processed according to schedule. Innovative tools ensure transparency and enable fast feedback.

The process of 360VIER. Interdisciplinary and identity-building

If a website is to meet your, and therefore also our expectations, many steps, concepts and ideas have to be thought and implemented together. Only perfectly interlocked, a result can be created with which your company will find its deserved attention even in the age of ever stronger competition on the Internet. Therefore, we at 360VIER, the brand and digital agency, always try to think from your point of view and for your success – from the first meeting, design, preparation of your content and programming to the constant maintenance and optimization of your new internet presence.