Treiber Trays GmbH

Repositioning of a world market leader

In the course of its 70-year tradition, the family-owned company based in Heidelberg has developed into the global market leader in the manufacture of powder boxes, a product used in the production of confectionery. The expansion of the portfolio to include plastic trays offered the opportunity to initiate the elementary step of a corporate design renewal, which we were happy to accompany.

360VIER has transferred the innovations and quality »Made in Germany« into a new appearance. A corporate design that confidently radiates strength and clarity and clearly communicates the repositioning of the company in all media used.

  • Development of a new striking corporate design
  • Holistic revision of the Internet presence
  • Elaboration and simplification of information
  • Photoconception and support
  • Redesign of icon illustrations
  • Development of an international mailing


Complete revision

Creative implementation of the corporate design

The logo was revised and translated into a modern formal language by choosing a suitable font. The selected font “Blender” reflects all attributes of Treiber Trays: highest possible precision in workmanship, technical expertise and effectiveness.

In addition, the design core element of superimposed lines was added as a hatching stack. These quote the products, the interlocking powder boxes, which make this unique stackability of Treiber Trays’ products possible due to the high-quality workmanship.


Creative implementation: Icondesign

Another central component of the new corporate design are the icon illustrations. The geometric, compositional structure underlines the technical aspect of the company and adapts to the font and form language. On the one hand, they serve to emphasize content and on the other hand to illustrate core statements.


For Treiber Trays a comprehensive photo concept for the presentation of products, people, the production of the trays and the trays in use was developed and implemented. The majority of the products were staged in a floating way to emphasize their perfection. These floating photos were used on the homepage and brochures.

In photo shoots on site in Heidelberg and in the environment of the trays, they were depicted in many different ways. The focus was again on the craftsmanship of the work, whereby the craftsmanship aspect and that of the people became essential. Last but not least, this resulted in a transparent view of the company, which authentically and honestly represents the core of Treiber Trays.


Simplification and dynamics up to date

Website Relaunch: Clarity 

The repositioning of the company as an expert and innovator in its field is also visible on the website. 360VIER implemented the website relaunch in a responsive design. Timeless clarity, functionality and “content design” were the central focus of the redesign.

The product range is at the heart of the website, which is also reflected in the menu and the site architecture. By using hotspots, the characteristics of the various trays are highlighted, thus visualizing perfection in every detail – the central quality promise of Treiber Trays.

The information hierarchy guides the user to the respective target of interest in a well thought-out way. The unique selling proposition of Treiber Trays, the production of wooden and plastic trays, is also visible online through the identically presented materials. In addition to the simplicity and user-friendliness, the use of sliders also gives space to the photos, thus allowing an insight into the people behind the product.

Technical implementation: WordPress CMS

By means of a dynamic content management system, smart visual composer elements and revised site architecture, content can be easily maintained, expanded and kept up-to-date in the future.

International Mailing

From Heidelberg to the world

A mailing was designed to publicise the expanded product portfolio as well as the new brand identity, which was sent to existing and potential new customers worldwide. The mailing consists of a slipcase printed on all sides with original outline drawings of the new plastic trays, so that a panoramic view can be seen. It announces the innovations of the company inside by means of the brochures about the company, plastic trays and wooden trays. In addition, further information can be found on a USB stick, which is located in the inlay next to business cards and fruit gums.