Relaunch of the FCI website

Interdisciplinary research center needs interdisciplinary minds for website relaunch

The scientists involved in the Frankfurt Cancer Institute are based at Goethe University, Georg-Speyer-Haus, the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research and the Paul Ehrlich Institute and represent a broad spectrum of disciplines. Research areas include structural biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics and medicinal chemistry.

A healthy decision: For the Frankfurt Cancer Institute, 360vier took on the complete relaunch of the website.

  • Complete redesign of the website
  • Building a visual identity
  • Construction and integration of 3D animations on the start page
  • Integration of interactive graphics
  • Programming of the website based on WordPress


Clarity for research

Website Relaunch: Implementation

To create a clear and recognizable overview of the site, a graphical world including 3D animations and interactive elements was developed and the site structure was simplified. The new image concept and the easy extensibility of the site rounded off the project successfully.

Screencast: Relaunch of the website

Lifesaving: The new website of the Frankfurt Cancer Institute on desktop and mobile

Further cases from the in-house smithy

In addition to these projects, we have recently completed a large number of other exciting projects from large companies or with a wide reach: From the much-read and technically sophisticated corporate blog of Bosch, the development of a new corporate design for the OMClub and the website for the Frankfurt Marathon with large access peaks to the new website of the world market leader Treiber-Trays.