Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory / Heidelberg

Fascination of space meets the latest research

Gamma flashes: one of the most energetic phenomena, but hardly researched. The Cherenkov Telescope-Array Observatory has therefore set itself the task of investigating these events in a research project.
A redesign of the website should fulfil three things: To bring the research closer to the public, to arouse interest and to present the telescopes that have been specially developed.

Repositioning Website

Fascination of space meets the latest research - relaunch of the Cherenkov Telescope-Array Observatory

  • Holistic revision of the Internet presence
  • Simplification and restructuring of information
  • Development of an interactive start page with a direct content access to the basic topic of “Cherenkov lightning”.
  • Technical development: CMS in fully responsive design

Concept: Interactive distance scale

One of the most important tasks was to make the website appealing to several target groups: The aim is to convey basic knowledge about the genesis of the Cherenkov lightning bolts, thus addressing scientists as well as interested laymen and investors.

Based on an initial conceptual idea, the interactive start page was created by working together with the customer on the content level.


1. Idea
through fundamental research it becomes clear that the
Explanation of the origin of the Cherenkov flashes can only be given by a distance scale

2. Content
the client endorses the idea and provides adapted content needed to elaborate the distance scale

3. Development
in close cooperation of designers and programmers, an individually designed distance-
scale with the given contents technically implemented


Fun with information through clear design

Website Relaunch: Inhalte für Wissenschaftler & Interessierte

Die Umsetzung basiert auf einer voll responsiven Basis, die eine medienübergreifende Nutzung ermöglicht.

Klar strukturierte und leserfreundlich aufbereitete Inhaltsseiten und eine klare Menüführung leiten durch die umfangreiche Website und laden zum Verweilen und Informieren ein.