TUM School of Management

Holistic website redesign of the TUM School of Management

The redesign of the TUM School of Management’s online presence had one main goal: to establish the website as a central information medium for a wide range of target groups. At the same time, as the main information medium, it significantly shapes the external image of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. For this purpose, not only a creative reorientation was desired, but also a textual reorientation with maximum user-friendliness for students and employees of the faculty.

Creative emancipation

360Vier works out distinctive design parameters within the corporate design

The redesign of the website follows a special and challenging task: The faculty is to have its own design identity, but must remain within the new TUM corporate design. The visual basis is a system that dynamizes and differentiates the appearance.

Visual clip

Starting from the figurative mark, 360Vier reinterprets the graph contained in it. The result is an iridescent pattern of surfaces which, in conjunction with photography, complement each other to create a striking form of representation. The diagonal also functions as a separating and connecting element between the headline and subheadline.

Picture editing

Dialogical “work situations” and reportage-like shots provide a lively insight into the studies. In combination with portraits and testimonials, the visual language enlivens the entire appearance and supports the target group-specific and international approach.

Compositional illustration

360VIER developed an icon illustration set for contextual accentuation of the content. Surface and outline always form a high-contrast interplay with narrative value.

Website Relaunch

Full-responsive, user and operator-optimized, intuitive retrieval of all study-relevant information - the new website of TUM School of Managementsite der TUM School of Management

The new website of the TUM School of Management was designed from scratch by 360VIER. The implementation is based on a fully responsive basis that allows for cross-media use. Direct access offers the target groups the greatest possible user orientation. Bundled information as well as context-sensitive cross-entries lead the visitor through the depth of information to exactly the information he needs – from answers to small questions to central forms.

By means of a dynamic content management system (WordPress), smart, self-developed visual composer elements as well as revised and optimized site architecture, content can be maintained, expanded and kept up-to-date in the future without any problems and in a time-saving manner.

The menu and page navigations (tabs) are optimized depending on the viewport and offer the best possible orientation at all times.

  • Study programs
  • Timetables and course schedules
  • Study structures
  • Downloads & FAQs
  • Events

An individualized, interactive Google map depicts all partner institutes and emphasizes and illustrates the international strength and focus of the TUM School of Management. The corresponding exchange programs are dynamically maintained via the backend.