We design brands to make your company even more successful.

A good corporate design serves several purposes at once: It is not only the “identity” of your company and ensures a high recognition value. A solid corporate design also creates trust and thus ensures higher customer loyalty and more sales. In addition, with a good corporate design, you stand out more clearly from your competitors. As a design agency with a focus on corporate design for medium-sized businesses and start-ups, we at 360VIER place special emphasis on letting you participate in the entire process.

At the beginning there is always an analysis of the current situation – how successful is your current Corporate Design? What makes your customers tick? After that, we create your corporate identity with logo, color selection and more. The design is then made usable for a wide range of applications, from business stationery to corporate websites. After training and handover, you can easily work with your new design.


Corporate Design of 360Vier – interdisciplinary and identity-giving

Logo design

We create a new, unmistakable logo for you that will convince your customers and set you apart from the competition.


We develop a distinctive concept for the use of fonts and typefaces in all application areas.

Colours and structures

Based on the basic considerations, you will receive a comprehensive colour concept for use in various media.


Whether you need a brochure, a website or want to create your business equipment – recognition is guaranteed.

A selection of our customers we are proud of


Interdisciplinary, identity-building and continuously improving

If a corporate design is to meet your, and therefore also our, expectations, many steps, concepts and ideas have to be thought through and implemented together. Only if they are perfectly interlocked, a result can be achieved with which your company will receive the attention it deserves, even in an age of ever-increasing competition on the Internet. We at 360VIER therefore try to always think from your point of view and for your success – from the first meeting, design, preparation of your contents and implementation to the constant optimization of your new corporate design.

Our process in detail

Content conception

In the beginning the whole project is organized. An internal catalogue of requirements as well as the resource and time planning is created so that you and we can plan transparently at any time and check the status of the project. With us it then goes into the start-up phase – we put together your personal project team and set up all project management systems so that we can work together efficiently and innovatively.


In the design phase, an individual design is now created based on the wireframes. The corporate design is primarily the combination of all relevant elements such as logo, font, colours, shapes, grids, icons, illustrations and much more. The designers usually work with analogue sketches in advance and convert them into a digital format later. Our designers have the task of implementing the communication goals of our clients with the help of the circumstances. Optimized workflows ensure a fast and cost-effective result.


The implementation of the designs on brochures, banners, posters, presentations or other applications is based on the previously created corporate design. The design serves as a basis for further elaboration and is adapted to suit the respective medium.

Further development

After completion of the project, we will continue to support you on request. You have the choice to implement your designs yourself or to place this permanently at 360VIER. 6 years ago we successfully supervised more than 50 projects, we would be happy if your corporate design would be part of it soon.


Individual results through extensive industry knowledge

Through cooperation with large corporations we are specialized in Enterprise WordPress development. This enables us to implement individual requirements of corporations as well as web design and web development for medium-sized companies. Our customers benefit from the greatest possible experience from various industries.

Our focus industries:

  • Corporations as well as medium-sized companies (KMU)
  • Hidden champions and innovative start-ups
  • Education and research institutions


A promise of quality - Best possible digital solutions for requirements in the now.

What we are proud of and what makes us special is the combination of conception, creation and technical development. This means that we have as many creative minds as analytical technical nerds in the room. This has the advantage that we can realize any individual design, because our programmers make us technically limitless. This enables us to create successful solutions for every requirement from medium-sized to internationally operating companies.


We’re taking over.

With us you lean back. We guide you through the entire process & you give us feedback.


We understand your needs.

Our change of perspective in your company is the basis for your successful digital brand presence.


We’re design enthusiasts.

The first impression must be convincing. For this we redesign, not according to what can be implemented most easily.


We love details.

It’s always the little things that make a design, website or app unforgettable. That is what we burn for.


We’re tech geeks.

HMTL5, CSS3, PHP7, Javascript or ReactJS – we like Tech & work exclusively with the latest standards.


We like lean processes.

Through tools & a clear process, we work as efficiently as possible to ensure the completion of your order.




You have questions or need advice for a new project?

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