A professional corporate design creates confidence and results in a better customer retention and higher sales figures.

A good corporate design serves multiple purposes: It is not limited to representing the „identity“ of your corporation and providing a high memorability. A solid corporate presence also creates trust, resulting in a better customer retention and increasing turnovers. A good corporate design will show your corporation in a favourable contrast to your competitors. As a design agency focused on corporate design for medium-sized and startup corporations, we at 360VIER put special stress on letting you participate during the whole process.

The first step is always an analysis of the status quo: How successful is your current corporate design? What are your customers thinking? Afterwards, your corporate presence is created, including creating your logo and choosing colours. That design is developed for different applications from the business equipment to the corporate website. After completing the following training and transfer, you can easily work with your new design.


Corporate Design by 360Vier

360vier_icon_CD_Logoentwicklung Corporate Design

Developing a logo

We create a new and distinctive logo for you, which will convince your customers and will set you apart from your competitors.

360vier_icon_CD_Typografie Corporate Design


We develop a distinctive concept of using fonts and faces for all areas of application.

360vier_icon_CD_farben-strukturen Corporate Design

Colours and structures

You receive a comprehensive colour concept for use in different media based on previous considerations.

360vier_icon_CD_anwendungen Corporate Design


No matter whether you would like to create a brochure, a website or your business equipment – recognition is guaranteed.


The process of 360VIER. Interdisciplinary and identity-establishing

A website is supposed to live up to your, and therefore our expectations. To accomplish this, a lot of steps, concepts and ideas have to be conceived and implemented together. A result, with which your corporation gets the attention it deserves even in times of increasing online competition, can be reached only when meshing perfectly. We at the brand and digital agency 360VIER therefore try to think from your point of view and with your success in mind – from the first meeting to design, conditioning your contents and programming up to steadily maintaining and optimising your new internet presence.

High ease of use

At first we put ourselves in the website users‘ shoes – your customers and prospects from Frankfurt and from all around the globe. After consulting and conceptualising, we create your website with maximal user comfort in mind. Our maxim: Worthy design with best operability.

Meaning of usability

Designing websites is not only about optimal and comprehensive transport of information and corporate identity, but also about usability. The navigation and setup of websites should accommodate as much people as possible. At this point, many disabled people experience drawbacks as they need websites that are designed accessibly. The implementation of a long-range usability either limits the creative possibilities or demands higher efforts in technology and design. We, as an internet agency, meet this challenge with smart and valuable solutions.

Premium design

All our websites are conceived and sketched by designers at first. Our web developers implement these drafts in close collaboration with those designers. The impressive results are modern and functional websites with an outstanding design.

Web design – created for the internet

An individual website design should put the record straight when it comes to presenting your corporation in the web as your website and its graphic design is your online flagship. The first impression counts not only in the physical world, but in the internet as well. As an internet agency, we can draw on a vast treasure of experience here.

Designing your online presence

Basically, web design is the visual depiction of a website or the design of a web presence by content, which might consist of images, graphics, stylesheets, animations and texts. In the preliminary steps, a web designer usually works with a so called screen design, which is a sheer graphical work without including HTML and which is later converted to a web format. The designers at 360VIER work to implement the communication goals of our customers while making use of the technical conditions. Workflows that mesh in an ideal way provide a fast and reasonable result.

Benefit from our services

Due to the extensive tasks to complete, hiring a web agency is not exactly cheap. However, as we are a corporation from the Rhein Main area, you will profit by our knowledge, our professionality and our optimised processes in web design and website programming as well as in online marketing and in optimising contents and search engines. With our calculable prices, we would like to appeal to medium-sized companies which cannot or do not want to pay for overpriced web design.

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You have questions or do need advice on a new project?

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