Frankfurt Marathon

It just keeps running and running: Complete redesign of the Frankfurt Marathon website

The Frankfurt Marathon – Germany’s oldest city marathon – has increasingly become a visitor magnet in recent years. More than 10,000 participants and hundreds of thousands of spectators demonstrate its importance every year – as does the steadily growing number of visitors to the website.
In order to keep up with this popularity, 360Vier was commissioned with the relaunch of the site. This not only required a smooth operation of the site at peak times, but also a fast, intuitive and appealing presentation of the information.

Repositioning Website

360VIER develops a modern, comprehensive website which will accompany the Frankfurt Marathon in the future

  • Holistic revision of the Internet presence
  • Development of a multi-phase start page, which is oriented to the cycle of marathon planning
  • Technical development: CMS in a fully responsive structure
  • Optimized usability for end users and operators

The concept of the phase model

Equipped with a lot of conceptual freedom, we analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the homepage.

For us, the approach resulted in a stronger focus on the subdivision of the homepage content into different phases. The basis for this should be the rhythm of a marathon runner himself depending on the Frankfurt Marathon: Just as a marathon runner prepares and follows up a marathon, the Frankfurt Marathon is prepared for months, there is the actual marathon day and then there is a short break before the next marathon is prepared relatively early.


1. Idea
through the website analysis it becomes clear to us that the phased prioritisation of the content on the start page is a good way forward, which we want to pursue further

2. Content
together with the customer we work out the contents for the different phases and define them precisely

3. Development
in close cooperation of designers and programmers an individually manufactured phase module is designed and technically implemented – in the future the customer can fill, adjust and thus keep the phases up-to-date

The layout of the phase model

When designing the layouts for the four phases, we opted for a static framework with several flexible elements.

  • Changing slogans
  • Changing CTA’s
  • Show/hide the timer
  • Flexible arrangement of teaser boxes with phase-relevant content
  • Show/hide various modules (weather, news column, winner box…)


Full-responsive, interactive and optimized for larger numbers of visitors - The new website of the Frankfurt Marathon

  • An individualised, interactive Google map shows all the important points of the marathon, from the course celebrations to information stands
  • Of course, all pages are optimized for different responsive devices
  • Also part of the project: own online shop integrated into the website