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The OMClub, founded in 2008 by Gulli Board founder Randolf Jorberg, is the “INofficial” party for the dmexco, the largest trade fair for the digital industry in Europe. In just 9 years, the OMClub has developed from its beginnings as a scene party to the largest trade fair party with over 4,000 guests. Now the organizers approached 360VIER with the desire to develop a contemporary, striking appearance in a new concept.

The requirement was clear: just as the events themselves captivate with unusual, surprising moments and actions, the corporate design should capture and reflect these facets and unfold them on different levels and applications.

360VIER_OMC_Case-Study_Trenner_2_2500x500 OMClub


Digital simplicity - activation of a new appearance

Simple. Vibrant. Bold. Digital.

The focus of the redesign is on the digital world. The semantic transformation of the letter “O” in the form of a toggle, i.e. a “on-switch”, deliberately quotes a component from the digital formal language. The design in animated form clarifies the conceptual thesis on the one hand and at the same time dynamizes the logo. The toggle logo transports core aspects of the events – offering, switching on, activating unusual, surprising moments and actions. In the digital context (website/on-site installations) such moments can be triggered by activating/deactivating the toggle on the website or on site – all engines GO, everything on AN.

Scope of services

  • Development of a new distinctive logo
  • Conception of a flexible corporate design
  • Minimal revision and adaptation of the Internet presence
OMClub_Logo_toggle_idee OMClub
omClub_trennlinie OMClub
0005_OMClub_Logo_toggle_1 OMClub
omClub_trennlinie OMClub
0004_OMClub_Logo_toggle_2 OMClub
0003_OMClub_Logo_toggle_3 OMClub
0002_OMClub_Logo_toggle_4 OMClub
0001_OMClub_Logo_toggle_5 OMClub
omClub_trennlinie OMClub
0000_OMClub_Logo_toggle_final OMClub
360VIER_OMC_Case-Study_Logo_negativ_anim OMClub
360VIER_OMC_Case-Study_Logo_positiv_anim OMClub
360VIER_OMC_Case-Study_Logo_color_anim OMClub

Restraint is different…
Communication that points forward.

In addition to the newly developed logo, the appellative, i.e. inviting headline system forms an essential and central element of the new image. With the introduction of the fonts Gotham and Roboto, 360VIER also further developed the corporate language of OMClub, while at the same time sharpening it. In interaction with the alienated toggle as the letter “O”, various communicative messages are related to the brand name.

At the same time, the present use of the multilineers/slogans offers the possibility to act contextually and at the same time that the core element of the redesign (toggle) is always found again and refers to the new brand appearance. This variable type system allows the entire OMClub team to work flexibly across all applications.


OMClub_toggle_18-1 OMClub
OMClub_toggle_OMG OMClub
OMClub_toggle_readyfortakeoff OMClub
OMClub_toggle_shirt OMClub

Colour scheme Key-Visual

Very Vibrant Variety - Light as a design approach

Large and striking typography is cleverly combined with a colour gradient and the high-contrast use of black and white areas. This gives the appearance a concise and lively impression. Similarly, the OMClub positions itself for the first time with its own colour scheme, which is based on the local lighting concept. In combination with simple illustrations and monochrome photographs, 360VIER developed a powerful visual identity, which can be processually expanded and sharpened.

OMClub_toggle_smiley OMClub
OMClub_toggle_impression_1 OMClub
OMClub_toggle_turnthepartyon_sticker OMClub
OMClub_toggle_takeyourshirtoff OMClub
OMClub_toggle_circusofcrazy-3 OMClub
OMClub_toggle_circusofcrazy-5 OMClub
OMClub_toggle_OMLOVE OMClub
OMClub_toggle_bag-1 OMClub
OMClub_toggle_impression_2 OMClub