Findings from the new analysis.

Wordpress gets 30% of the Internet up and running

WordPress is not only the CMS of the future, but also of the present. We notice this every day in our work. New figures prove this feeling statistically – and not only for small companies…

The headline actually says it all – because according to a new analysis conducted by W3Techs, over 30% of all websites worldwide use the CMS WordPress. The results of the study become even more interesting when you look at the numbers in more detail and put further analysis in relation to them:

Just the fact that many websites do without a content management system makes WordPress appear in a more impressive light. If you subtract all sites that do not use a CMS, it becomes clear that WordPress is used on over 60% of all websites that use a CMS at all!

Even more impressive is the dominance of WordPress compared to the other CMS used, so the usage share of the second placed – Joomla – is three percent for all uses, or 6% for CMS usage.

A central development in recent years is that it is no longer just individuals or small businesses that rely on WordPress for their Internet presence, but also more and more corporations that rely on the open source system. If you look at just four examples, the difference becomes clear: Not only companies like Mercedes-Benz or the Walt-Disney-Company use WordPress for their corporate presence, also Techcrunch, one of the biggest news portals in the technology environment and even institutions like the White House have taken the step to WordPress.

How WordPress dominates the WorldWideWeb

The graphic shows the distribution of WordPress websites to the different groups.

The reasons for the growing dominance

This is no coincidence: simple usability, easy extensibility with various plug-ins, ad-ons or the integration of a webshop – for example with WooCommerce and the fact that WordPress as an open source CMS is constantly being further developed by countless developers worldwide.

Analysis method of W3Tech: In the latest study, the largest 10 million websites, as determined by the Alexa ranking, were examined. (More about the approach here)

WordPress: Also a good choice in the enterprise segment

A look at other figures shows that these are no exceptions: Already in 2017, almost 15% of the top 100 sites (also according to the Alexa ranking) were operated with WordPress (source), 8% of the top 100 blogs (source) and over 23.5% of the top 100,000 sites (source)

This alone shows that the use of WordPress is no problem at all for large companies with the right setup.

The fact that the awareness of the usability of WordPress is becoming more and more accepted by larger companies and website operators with higher traffic, can also be seen from our own work.

The new Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog was developed by 360VIER entirely on WordPress.

Examples from our own smithy

Especially recently, we have been able to complete projects for large companies or with a wide reach: From the much-read and technically sophisticated corporate blog of Bosch, a new website for the Technical University of Munich and the website for the Frankfurt Marathon with large access peaks to the new website of the world market leader Treiber-Trays.

Various websites from 360VIER based on WordPress

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