From A for awards to W for Christmas broadcast

Climate protection, convenience, education and digitization – are not only topics that dominated the social debate last year, but also had a decisive impact on our work. It was precisely this diversity of topics that challenged us and ensured that we were able – and had to – develop further in many areas in order to be able to realize a wide variety of projects together with our customers.

Accompany us on our annual review and get an impression of what has driven us in the past year, from our core business, the development of websites, the integration of various 3D models and diverse print projects, to the planning and implementation of the #teamproklima action day in front of the Wiesbaden City Hall.

ProKlima Wiesbaden

The project that probably challenged us the most comprehensively and in most different disciplines this year was the launch of Commissioned by the Environmental Agency of the state capital Wiesbaden, the aim was to create a website that bundles all Wiesbaden’s climate protection measures in a modern, user-friendly and activating way and can serve as an information hub for all those interested in the topic.

A central component of the content was the development of a dichotomy between topics of active participation on the one hand (“taking part”) and information bundling (“informing”) on the other. For this purpose, actions were developed that illustrate what each individual can contribute to climate protection. In addition, by winning well-known and interesting personalities from Wiesbaden, a face was to be given to the issue and a section was created in the knowledge area to provide information on countless other ideas, measures and actions – always adapted to specific topics.

The project became interdisciplinary at the latest with the Citylight campaign. To present the website, designs for the Wiesbaden megalights and various postcards were developed, which were displayed throughout Wiesbaden.

The highlight of all these efforts was clearly the final of the application – the #teamproklima event on June 29th. In addition to various areas of action for children and adults, including a live print campaign with 500 climate-neutral and fairly produced T-shirts made of organic cotton, there was the opportunity to discuss with three of the ProKlima ambassadors and find out more about the new platform. We are proud of the project. A pride that has been increased by winning the Annual Multimedia Award in silver and the German Design Award 2020 for this project.


Demanding, highly interesting, complex and extensive are keywords which also apply to our cooperation with Lekkerland. Because after we had already relaunched the group’s website in 2018, a wide variety of follow-up projects were due in 2019. The main focus was on the relaunch of the country pages for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. This requirement was already considered in the previous year, so that the individual branches are basically based on the same template, always adapted to country-specific requirements and wishes, including different multilingualism. As a supplement to our work and to a certain extent as a link between the digital and analogue world, we also developed a brand portal for Lekkerland which translates the analogue style guide into a digital platform and from which users can download or view photos, fonts, logos etc.

Fliedner University of Applied Sciences

Almost in our “tradition” of websites for universities, we were once again able to accompany a university in 2019 with the relaunch of its website. The Fliedner University of Applied Sciences, based in Düsseldorf, offers various courses of study in the field of nursing and social work and places special emphasis on support and the sense of community between teachers and students – humanity and closeness is central.

To convey this in the entire appearance was the central task of our designers, but it should also be reflected in the structure and content of the site. In order to achieve this, a special focus was placed on the development of an icon set matching the warm colours with exciting contrasts, as well as on meeting the students’ interest in consulting and information. This can be achieved through structural simplifications and the merging of thematically complementary areas, the integration of social media or a textual tonality that is specifically designed for students. To complement the new formal, colour and visual language, the adaptation of the print media has also been tackled.

Telehouse Deutschland GmbH

While the presentation of the university rooms at the Fliedner Fachhochschule also had interactive elements, the requirements at Telehouse were similar, but required our developers to present the entire topic in three dimensions. The result, an interactive three-dimensional building view with the help of webGL, can be seen. The same applies to the entire website, where the main objective was to find an information architecture that was as slim and meaningful as possible, which would show Telehouse’s strengths and resources to best advantage.

trans-o-flex Express GmbH

We were equally proud when Trans-o-Flex commissioned us to relaunch the website of the logistics expert for temperature-sensitive goods. The most exciting feature was the development of a postcode search function that allows users to search for relevant services. At the same time, we were responsible for the adaptation and further development of the corporate design to the new online presence, the development of an icon language and illustrations matching the CD, the new concept and design of the Trans-o-flex app for tracking and tracing (mobile & desktop) and the design of print media.

Tec4med Lifescience GmbH

Heat and cold were also of central importance for Tec4. With the Nelumbox, the start-up from Darmstadt is developing a high-tech product for the transport of temperature-sensitive products, primarily from the pharmaceutical sector. To transport the innovative technology in combination with high-quality haptics and optics, the design had to be appropriate. The result is a special start page with video sequences of the 3D-animated product, which are controlled by the scrolling movement. Down buttons serve as an indicator of the animation length or as a loading animation until the video sequence is fully loaded. A website we are absolutely proud of and for which we won gold at the Annual Multimedia Award 2020.

So again and again new things were demanded and desired from us, again and again exciting tasks had to be mastered. And by far not only in the projects mentioned here as examples. For this reason, we would also like to thank all other companies for which we were able to work in 2019: Adtelligence, AutoEmpire, Baumschule Huben, beON, Body Culture, Bosch, Covivio, Dicos, Durm Patentanwälte, ESCP, Excubate, European Datawarehouse, e.venture consulting, GUDE, Hochschule Fresenius, Hans Weitzel GmbH, Interokultur, InsureNXT, Keppel Data Centres, KölnMesse, mecom vision GmbH, Metro Markets, optile GmbH, Payworks GmbH, Sales Unit Telemarketing GmbH, Sporttotal, Starkkraft technologies GmbH, STF Gruppe GmbH und Wetropa. A special thanks also to all customers, where we are in the middle of different projects, no matter how big or small.

There was also some internal movement in 2019. Not only did some colleagues have new blood, but Christof, Mahmoud, Robert, Viona and Victoria joined the team. Yuri and Lukas, two highly esteemed colleagues, left us in 2019. We wish them all the best and thank them for their commitment.

A thank you to our customers was also a must, which is why we once again gathered our most creative minds together to develop a Christmas mailing this year. In our opinion, the result – the official 360VIER-Memory – can not only be seen but also played!

We are looking forward to competing against you and to meeting new challenges in 2020 as well.