2019. The 360VIER memory.

First the “Elementarbaukasten”, then the 360VIER quartet, but what will we do in 2019?

Also this year, the Christmas broadcast should not be just anything, but should fit in as seamlessly as possible with our previous broadcasts.

Again, our brightest (and probably most playful) minds were in demand. The goal was clear: it had to translate our work and our claim, be memorable and most importantly – it had to be fun.

A look at our central thought processes in all projects brought the breakthrough:

What makes an extraordinary digital identity and how do we implement it together with our customers? Clearly: inspiring design, combined with perfect technology and content that leaves no questions unanswered. Because only when idea and design, graphics and headlines, functionality and concept match and all requirements are implemented exactly, will desire meet reality and idea meet result.

Doesn’t this remind you a little of memory? Only when the motives match, the move is successful and you can devote yourself to the next cards.

The idea was born, now “only” the implementation followed, where especially our designers were asked.

In keeping with the new decade and in order to bring our team even closer to our customers, every single member of staff was implemented in memoji style – and even with (mostly) typical emotions – from cheerful to slightly annoyed or confused. Maybe you even recognize some of them directly.

And since we don’t see ourselves as a digital agency for nothing, it was clear from the beginning that the whole thing had to be realized as a digital game, of course. So, after our programmers taught themselves how to program such an online game, it was realized with React and Firebase.

Now it only needs to be remembered by you. That’s why we want you to play often, whether analogue or digital, against us or against friends and family.